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Emily Nussbaum on Tatiana Maslany’s performance in the sci-fi thriller “Orphan Black” (subscription required):

“If it weren’t for Tatiana Maslany, the show’s star, ‘Orphan Black’ would be just a likable-enough thriller, with Toronto local color—enough to recommend it to a Canadaphilic sci-fi buff like me, but maybe not to you.

Maslany explodes that calculation entirely. The actress delivers a performance so magnetic that it transforms the show into something with staying power, a near must-watch.”

Illustration by Jashar Awan.



Zombie Survival Vehicles for the next Zombie Apocalypse

Designed by Donal O’Keeffe … thanks man!!

yeah let me just get my fucking tuk tuk survival vehicle.

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how starbucks was invented

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Part 2 of THIS BLOODY CAST <33333

(Best ‘till last- drunk Oberyn <3)

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I know exactly what I would do with immortality: I would read every book in the library.
Mark Jason Dominus (via bibliophilebunny)

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forgot about this